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Milton Goldsamt writes in response to a question by Eugene:

Also, in Washington DC, you have handy to you the Map Division of the Library
of Congress. That excellent division helped Sally Amdur Sack with two other
helpful sources: "Where Once We Walked" and the "Where Once We Walked
Companion," two books published by Avotaynu that focuses on towns, lists
coordinates, and cites other books mentioning those referenced towns.
If these two references do not help to locate your ancestral towns, try the
Gazetteer of Eastern Europe microfiches available at most Jewish Genealogical
Societies and available for purchase >from Avotaynu. These fiches have about
ten times the number of towns than the WOWW Companion, and are arranged by
name, DM soundex and coordinates.

Bob Weiss in Palo Alto

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