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<<I did find that microfiche helped me locate my grandfather's shtetl after I
had almost given up all hope and had asked everyone who might possibly have
had an idea and gotten nowhere...I wish they publicized it many
people post messages here asking for this kind of help and clearly are
frustrated......I wonder if I should just contribute my copy to the nearest
Family History Center...would it violate any copywrite laws? Jane L.>>


It could: the microfiche is not really public domain, since it's sold by
Avotaynu and as such, may be a copyrighted product. The FHC also has
policies, I believe, on what it will accept as donations. I know books have
been donated. Why not send Gary Mokotoff at a brief
note, expressing two ideas: why doesn't Avotaynu market this useful product
more, and do they mind if your FHC had it available for users?

Milton Goldsamt

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