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I am trying to research my family in Raciaz and I understand the records
now available. How do I get access to these records?

I am on the jri-pl mailing list, so any help you can give me I would
The 100 year old+ Jewish vital records of Raciaz consist of two parts:

1) 1826-1875:

These years have been filmed by the LDS (Mormons) and the records
may be searched at any Mormon Family History Center. In addition,
there is a Raciaz "Shetl CO-OP" which is creating an index to these
records for the Jewish Records Indexing - Poland database. The
records for the years 1857 to 1875 (the Russian language records)
have already been indexed and can be searched online at

Flora Gursky <gurskyh@...> is the Shtetl CO-OP leader for
Raciaz and all those with an interest in this town are encouraged to
contact and assist Flora with data entry of the Polish language years.

2) 1876 - 1896

These Raciaz Jewish vital record registers for these years are in
the Mlawa branch of the Polish State Archives.

A project is currently underway to index all Jewish vital records
(not filmed by the Mormons) in the Mlawa branch. Other towns in
the Mlawa Archives which are part of this current project are:
Biezun, Ciechanow, Kuzbork, town of Mlawa, Nowe Miasto, Plonsk,
Radzanow, Szrensk and Zuromin.

The volunteer 'Town Leader' raising the funds for the indexing of the
Raciaz records in the Polish State Archives is Debbi Korman.
Anyone with an interest in Raciaz records for this period is asked
to contact Debbi at: <korman3@...>

The sooner the target is reached for Raciaz, the faster the indices
will become searchable on the JRI - Poland website.

If you have an interest in the other towns being indexed as part of
this project, please contact the following town leaders:

Biezun: Stan Zeidenberg: capital@...
Ciechanow: Stan Zeidenberg: capital@...
Kuzbork: Stan Zeidenberg: capital@...
Mlawa: Yaacov Finkler/Ada Holtzman: ada01@...
Nowe Miasto: COMPLETED: Debbi Korman korman3@...
Plonsk: Stan Zeidenberg: capital@...
Radzanow: Stan Zeidenberg: capital@...
Szrensk: Stan Zeidenberg: capital@...
Zuromin: Sandra Kirsch: sanjokay@...

Note: Archive Coordinator Stan Zeidenberg of Toronto is standing
in as 'Town Leader' for some of the above towns while we await
researchers >from those towns to volunteer to become town leader.
How about it folks?? If you want to help, please contact Stan Z.

Stanley Diamond
Coordinator, Jewish Records Indexing - Poland

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