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<<I am interested in vital records >from Drewnica (small village near Warsaw)

between 1860-1910. I wonder where I should look for them.

Where they were indexed - maybe in other bigger village ?

I 'm a newcomer to using the indexed records, but I did things the other way:
I put in the name(s) I wanted to research, one at a time for separate
searches, and asked for the Daitch-Motokoff soundex code to be used--- For All
Gubernias--- which was the key phrase. Then whatever and wherever records
were indexed for that name were found, including those >from unexpected
locations (such as Lublin and Warsawa for me, since my ancestors seem to be
from Krakow and Tarnow). Thus, Drewnica might turn up if any records were
found for the names you're searching. Don't specify the geographic area,
although Warsawa sounds the most logical >from what you say.

Good luck, this indexing project has been a goldmine for me! (A shetlmine?)

Milton Goldsamt

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