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I was approached by Bella Kleiman whom I didn't know before, who has no
internet link, asking me to help her searching her roots >from Poland.
Known facts were: grandfather: Mendel KILBERT born 1852 had 13 children
from 2 wives. The first one Chaja KILBERT born 1860 nee BAUM >from Lowicz,
second wife Sura Rojza nee FRYDE >from Zychlin Poland. She was born in 1869
and is the grandmother of Bela Kleiman.
One of the 13 children was Simcha Bunim born 1907 in Zychlin, Bella's
father of blessed memory.
Except him and another sibling, all the 11 others, with their families
were murdered in the Holocaust.

There is an ocean of information in JewishGen web site. How can I

I check The JewishGen Family Finder (JGFF) http://www.jewishgen.org/jgff/
no searches for KILBERT.

I check the JewishGen Discussion Group Archives
the "KILBERT" yields no result...

I check the JewishGen Holocaust Global Registry
no former inquiries about KILBERT.

I also search KILBERT in the Family Tree of the Jewish People at
http://www.jewishgen.org/gedcom/jewishgen.html - nand get
the standard already familiar reply, "There are no records for individuals
with the
surname KILBERT in the database".

What else can I do for her? I already plan to send the above inquiry
to JewishGen Emailk Exchange Forum, while I go to Jewish Records Indexing -
Poland JRI http://www.jewishgen.org/JRI-PL/

Than... big surprise!!! Out of the purpled screen coming out
names and names, the K I L B E R T shine to me... I get the shiver,
although is not really my family... Many of her father's brothers and
sisters are recorded, in database of Birth records years
1903-1913 - not even the 19th century. Than AKT 31: Simcha-Bejamin, Bela's
own father!
There is no shtetl CO-OP for this town, but a lot of data was posted,
incredibly detailed, including maiden names of mothers.

I call up Bella, and give her all this information.
In one minute, the woman is in tears...

Deepest thanks to JRI and JewishGen >from Bella Kleinman Israel,
Thanks to the Zychlin anonymous contributors of the information and all
the other good souls who make these most valuable sources available and
accessible to all.

I connected Bella with Dr. Leon Kilbert, only survivor of a branch
from Plock.
Grandfather, Jakob was most probably another brother of her father,
from the first wife.
Bella phoned him up >from Israel and he answers her in Hebrew:
"Kol Israel Chaverim"...

Ada Holtzman

E-mail: ada01@netvision.net.il
Date: 01/01/99
Time: 10:23:19
Web site:http://www.geocities.com/Paris/Rue/4017/

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