Re: jri-pl digest: March 06, 1999 #poland

Dennis Gries <dgries@...>

To Ada and any others -

Travel by US citizens subject to US tax laws to Poland for the purpose of
geneaological research and education, etc. normally will not result in a
deduction either for education or as a contribution.

The education deduction might result if a person is a professional
geneaologist, and then to the extent that the time spent on professional
education (as opposed to personal research) bore to the total number of days
in the trip. The contribution scam is that the payment for certain trips is
made to a non-profit organization and the traveler claims this as a
contribution. In reality, since the traveler has received value equivalent
for personal use, then the payment is not a contribution.

p.s. I am a tax accountant of many years experience in both individual and
business taxation.

dennis gries == dgries@... Fort Washington, PA

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