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The nearest bigger towns which are on the Gundacker list are Hradec Kralove
and Pardubice. But there are also other places. Anybody with ideas where
to search for this birth?
Peter, when I began searching for documentation on the Auerbachs >from Becov nad
Teplou, the archives in Prague informed me that prewar documentation for that
town had been lost.

What a great surprise to find on my visit to Becov that the Town Hall had a
Register of Births and Deaths and were willing to let me search through it on
site without an appointment.

I was able to retrieve information on all Auerbachs residing in that town all
the way back to the early 1800s. Birth, death, father, mother, siblings, house
number they lived in, metier of the father, cause of death, attendants at

I would have learned a lot more but became frustrated with trying to decipher
handwritten German script.

The point is that even though there may not be records available in some
central archive, mistakes do happen and there may be some records available in
the town/village in which you're interested and a physical visit may unearth


Karel Vanek

AUERBACH - Vienna, Becov
HELFGOTT - Vienna, Becov
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