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A few weeks ago, I sent out a message about this book:

"Slownik nazwisk wspolczesnie w Polsce"

I am now the proud (but temporary) possessor of 6000 pages of
surnames listings >from Poland. "Slownik nazwisk wspolczesnie w
Polsce" is a ten-volume set of books. (See details below.) It has
a six-page introduction (in Polish) which I can not read. Under
"my" listing (surname: Talman), I see:

Talman 24, Wa:10, Gd:1, Ld:1, Op:1, Su:6, Wr:5
(A map indicates that Wa = Warszawaskie, Gd = Gdanskie, etc.)

Does anyone have any idea what these volumes are all about?

This is basically a compilation, >from Polish government sources,
of all people living in Poland as of 1990 -- which means that
it includes virtually no Jews. (There were only about 5,000
Jews in Poland as of 1990, as opposed to over 3 million Jews
living there 50 years earlier).

It might be a good source for Polish Catholic genealogical
research, but has no practical value for Jewish genealogical
research -- except in those rare cases where there might be
a survivor still living in Poland. But also realize that about
half of all surnames used by Jews in Poland were also used by
non-Jews -- most were not distinctively Jewish surnames.

These volumes tell you the number of people with each surname
living in each of Poland's then-49 provinces.

See William F. Hoffman's "Polish Surnames: Origins and Meanings"
2nd edition. (Chicago: Polish Genealogical Society, 1997); and
his "First Names of the Polish Commonwealth" (Chicago: PGSA, 1998)
for a detailed explanation of this work, in English.


Warren Blatt
Boston, MA

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