Re: Need a couple of records printed #poland

Ernest G Holzmann <eholzman@...>

To avoid duplication of effort and expense: I will inquire this afternoon
at the local FHC about this, and report back tonight (Thursday, Sep. 2)

Ernie Holzmann


On Wed, 1 Sep 1999, Marcos Frid wrote:

... two records I need, I'll be very grateful and of course I will
refund all your expenses.
The film number is: 753121
This is Wielun Jewish B-M-D records for 1826-1853
I need the following two records:
1.- 1835, Deaths, akt #10: Rachel Lachmanowicz
2.- 1835, Deaths, akt #(I didn't write it): Sura Lachmanowicz

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