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Steven A. Zedeck <saz@...>

What I normally tell people is that before you start looking
in the "old country" for documents, you need to determine
the exact town. You have many ways to accomplish this
right in the US (assuming you are in the US and this person
immigrated to the US). You can obtain copies of US naturalization
documents and passenger manifests which lists the town of
birth and/or town of origin.

If this is NOT a US immigrant, sorry I can't help. Perhaps
other people on this list (or JewishGen) may have better
info on other countries immigrants.

I always tell people to work backwards >from what you
can determine here in the US and then start looking in the
right place abroad.

There are also many infofiles on JewishGen that detail

You say you obtained some immigration documents.
Which ones ? Some have more genealogical info
than others. But the manifest is very helpful.

Also, one more thing. There is a book called
"Where once we walked" that has townsand their
various spellings. Look in there or have someone
do it for you if they have the book. I would, but I
don't have the book.

Steven A. Zedeck

Lffriedman@... wrote:

I am a beginning genealogist, working on a book about my grandmother. I'm
seeking any information about her family and town -- the surname was Chilko
and she was >from Milesczyce. At least, that's one of the three different ways
it was spelled on her immigration papers (my parents say it is pronounced
Mi-LAY-Chich). I understand it was in the province (?) of Bialystock, but I
haven't been able to find it on a map.

I'd appreciate any leads on finding more information -- about the town,
people who lived there who might agree to be interviewed, ways to trace her
family, etc.. Thanks in advance.

Lisa Friedman

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