Re: suwalki records - eeek #poland

Steven A. Zedeck <saz@...>

Through the permission of Judy Frazin, we have
set up several pages of samples on our JRI-Poland
web site. Look here:


garymaher@... wrote:


Yes, it can be discouraging at first, but it gets pretty simple once you
get the hang of it. The records have a fairly consistent format, at
least within a particular jurisdiction at a particular time, so you just
have to figure out the format to find the names. They'll be in the same
place >from record to record.

I recommend that you pick up a copy of the Jonathan Shea or Judith Frazin
translation guide books. (Shea's is for Russian records, Frazin's I
haven't seen but is always recommended by others.)

Good luck!


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