Given name Sidney #bessarabia

Deborah Barr

Dear Group,

I've been told there were many Sidneys in my family in Rascov, Moldova going back for generations,
including my great-grandfather, but I don't know what the name would have been in Europe. The
only Sidney to come over to the US was listed as Shepsel on the passenger list, and I presume that
was a knickname.

There is nothing for Romania in the Given Names Database. For Ukraine I get Simcha as a possibility
and also Yehoshue (Ishie/Shaie/Shaye/Yehoyshue/Yeshie/Yeshiye).

If you know the original name of anyone >from this area who was called Sidney in English I am
curious to learn it. I would appreciate any thoughts about this.


Deborah Barr

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