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In reply to Gary Maher's proposition that to the dead, LDS conversion
hardly matters, while not disagreeing with the premise that the dead
are not in the loop, I believe that he misses the whole point of the
issue -- in fact of several issues.

1) The Christian community has been after our Jewish souls for two
millenia. They want us to believe that they are only interested in
our welfare. To that point we have as outstanding examples of their
concern the Spanish Inquisition and the Holocaust. The problem is
that if we do not want their help, they get very angry. A central
premise in the Christian faith is that since Jesus did his thing,
there is no reason for the Jews to exist. Not too surprisingly, we do
not see it that way. Furthermore, we get quite testy when they either
kill us for our beliefs or sneak around to gather up our forefathers
and the victims of the worst piece of genocide the world has yet
produced. It may not affect the dead; it most certainly affects,
insults and degrades the living. And they know that it does.

2) Your effort to define who is a Jew is not only historically wrong
but also religiously wrong. According to Halacha, to be a Jew, you
have either to have a Jewish mother or to go through an appropriate
conversion process. The only debate of this most divisive question in
Israel is over what is "appropriate."

Jim Feldman
Jim Feldman
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