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<<After going >from Aizik Kogen to Aizik Kohen, my gf went to Isaac Cohen.
by the time he died, he was Isidore Cohen! No matter whether he was Isaac or
Isidore, to me he was just "Grandpa Izzy!"
Milton Goldsamt commented:

<<About the same happened to me: my father Irving I found to be listed as
Isidore and Izzy in Census records, and---- Isaac on his marriage record!
Except no one ever told me he was born as Isaac and I never thought to ask! >>

You guys don't know how lucky you are. At least there is a trace between
Izzie, Izadore, Isaac. My great uncle Benzion Weiss became Benedict Weiss in
New York and ended up as Jack Lee Smith when he died.

Bob Weiss in Northridge, CA

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