One record.... 700,000 times! #poland

Stanley Diamond

The Jewish Records Indexing - Poland has now topped the 700,000=20
mark! In this post I would like to address the real meaning of this
latest milestone. =20
A few days ago, the 1890 to 1893 Hamburg Departure Lists went live
on the Internet. In a few minutes of searching, I was finally able to find=20
the one record that had eluded me for eight years. It showed that my
grandfather left Europe (in Feb. 1890) with the name Mendel ARKER. =20
Later that year he was recorded in the New York City Directory as=20
Mendel DIAMOND. A few mysteries have been cleared up and I think=20
I am on my way to solving a few more.
Those of us who have been researching for a number of years and
who have made so many breakthroughs occasionally become blas=E9. =20
That's why my discovery a few days ago was an important reminder
of how exciting it is for all of us when we finally find that one record
that clears up a mystery or opens up new avenues for research.
As noted above, we have reached another milestone. With the=20
addition of 13,000 Lublin indices, courtesy of Shtetl CO-OP leader=20
Robinn Magid and her hard working team, we passed the 700,000=20
mark! But it is not the total number of indices that we should be=20
celebrating. Rather, it is that we have indexed entries to someone's=20
*one* important record, 700,000 times!
So, this is yet another invititation to each one of you reading the
JRI-Poland list and this message. Join us in creating the next index=20
entry and the next, until we have another 700,000 and on and on. =20
Each one counts... the next one you data enter could make a
difference to your research or help a fellow genealogist half-way=20
around the globe.=20
If you are not already part of a Shtetl CO-OP team, please read about
the initiative on our web site at www. If your town's
records have been filmed by the LDS and are not in the JRI-Poland=20
database, you can help put them there. That's how we indexed so
much of the first 700,000. People cared enough to volunteer to get=20
their town's records indexed.=20
To see if the records for your town in Poland were microfilmed, check
the 'LDS Film List' on the JRI-Poland web site. The films are color=20
coded to indicate the status of the indexing. Then check the 'Database=20
Contents' page to see which records have been indexed. =20
Nothwithstanding the huge strides we have made, the JRI-Poland=20
database has indices to records >from fewer than than 150 of the=20
500 towns in the LDS films. You can make a difference with the=20
next 350 towns.
To volunteer for your town, contact JRI-Poland Shtetl CO-OP Coordinator,
Hadassah Lipsius at Kesher@....
Stanley Diamond
Project Coordinator, Jewish Records Indexing - Poland=20

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