Attention Choroszcz, Ciechanowiec, and Sokoly Researchers #poland


The Jewish Records Indexing - Poland (JRI-PL) database has recently been
updated to incorporate Birth, Marriage, and Death indices for Choroszcz,
Ciechanowiec, and Sokoly.

Choroszcz Births 1882-1892
Ciechanowiec Births 1888,1890,1899
Marriages 1888,1890,1896,1899
Deaths 1888,1890,1899
Sokoly Births 1887,1890
Marriages 1886,1887,1890,1893

These record indices were added as a result of the JRI-PL / Polish State
Archives (PSA) initiative at the Bialystok Archives. These Choroszcz records
are the only Choroszcz records that reside at the Bialystok Branch of the
PSA. These Ciechanowiec and Sokoly are the only records for those towns that
reside at the Bialystok Branch of the PSA and that have not previously been
microfilmed by the LDS Church. To learn more about the Bialystok Archive
project go to
< >. Then click on
"Project Details" for more information.

With the addition of these records, there are now 252 Choroszcz records, 1299
Ciechanowiec records, and 195 Sokoly records on the JRI-PL database. A
surname list, containing those names in the JRI-PL database, is available for
Ciechanowiec. It can be accessed at < >. Scroll down to Ciechanowiec
and click on the red dot next to the town's name.

The database can be searched by surname at < >. If the search is successful,
you can order the original record directly >from the PSA. Special instructions
for ordering documents >from PSA can be accessed at < >.

We hope that you have been successful in adding to your family trees as a
result of the Bialystok Archives project. The entire Bialystok Archive
project has been funded (see details at by Bialystok and
Tykocin researchers. Since the numbers of Choroszcz, Ciechanowiec, and Sokoly
records were small when compared to those of the City of Bialystok, we used
Bialystok funds to assure that all the records of the Archive project were
loaded to the JRI-PL database.

We now ask that Choroszcz, Ciechanowiec, and Sokoly researchers help support
the Bialystok Archives project by contributing to JRI-Poland. If you can
help, please send your check in US$ to: Jewish Records Indexing, Inc., c/o
Sheila Salo, Treasurer, 5607 Greenleaf Road, Cheverly, MD 20785, USA.
Please identify your contribution for BIALYSTOK ARCHIVE PROJECT. >from outside
the US, you can contribute with your Visa card using the form at

I would like to personally thank Stanley Diamond, Michael Tobias, Steven
Zedeck, Sonia Hoffman, the personnel of the Bialystok PSA, the personnel of
JRI-PL in Poland, and all the contributors to this effort that made this
project successful.

Mark Halpern
Archive Coordinator - Bialystok Archives

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