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Here are instructions I received for searching the Hamburg Departure List:

It's up and running-- the Hamburg Archives website to search passenger
departures >from Hamburg, Germany. Only the years 1890-1893 are covered
so far.
Just click on the blue/gray "Search Now" button.
There is no soundex so you will have to be very creative in spellings.
After searching for 3 years I finally found some ENGAL cousins spelled
as "IGNAL."
To search for my main family name of BROUDE, I entered "BR__D_". One
underline for each optional letter or you can use the "%" sign for
more. See the site for more details.
Another hint, use the "Search for passengers >from same village" link,
the plain search for passengers doens't list the town of origin. Then
you can click on the town and it will bring up all the entries called
"rows" for that town.
There is no direct way to search for town. I found the "IGNALs" >from a
link for the town Kelem on the page listing the BRANDE's where two of
them were >from Kelem which brought up all the people so far that listed
Kelem as their place of origin.
Warning: this town search doesn't work perfectly. If you are looking
for all the people who gave Kelem as town of origin and you start with
"BRANDE" you will only get 12 entries.
One last item, the countries are listed with their German name: e.g.
Russia is "Ruffland" with the German double s. Austria is Oesterreich.
Remember, this is for 1890-1893 departures only!
Good luck,
Paul Fisher
Atlanta, Georgia
searching IGNAL/ENGAL >from Kelme, Lithuania and BRANDE/BROUDE/BROIDA and
many other spellings >from Kelme
Subject: Hamburg Manifests add'l information
From: Paul Fisher <fisherp@...>
Date: Fri, 17 Mar 2000 14:12:49 -0500
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I forgot to mention that the name of the ship and departure date are not
You can order the manifests and it is free for now. I haven't done so
Destinations are not only for the USA, e.g. there are many for Buenos
Aires, Rio de Janiero and Montevideo.
Paul Fisher
Atlanta, Georgia

Subject: More news on Hamburg Lists
From: Paul Fisher <fisherp@...>
Date: Fri, 17 Mar 2000 20:58:00 -0500
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You can get the ship name and departure date in some cases.
After you get your list of hits, click on the family name (surname), it
takes you to a thank you letter and tells you the information will be
free for the time being.
Scroll down and you will see a lot of blanks for name, birthdate etc
don't enter anything in the blanks just click on the "forward" button.
There is another thank you and free for now letter, just scroll down and
click on the forward button again. Now you will get most of the blanks
filled in giving name, age, occupation, place of origin, date of
departure, name of ship and more.
About the years included: 1890 is complete for direct lists, and
incomplete for indirect lists. 1891, 1892 and 1893 are all incomplete
but I did find some relatives on an indirect list for 1891.
Hint: use both search engines: "Search for Passengers" and "Search for
passengers >from same village" because the first one doesn't give town of
origin or sex and the second one doesn't list country or
Direct means the ship sailed direct to its destination without stopping
anywhere else in Europe, indirect means it stopped in England, France
or Ireland etc. This is important if you order the actual manifest >from
the Family History Library because this is how they are sorted.
Have fun,
Paul Fisher
Atlanta, Georgia
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