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Elsebeth Paikin

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I am very pleased to announce that yet another group geared to
facilitating communication between 'genners with a common interest
is now live and awaiting subscribers. With Elsebeth Paikin as
moderator, and myself (Jerry Touger) as coordinator, the Ekaterinoslav
Area Research Group is joining the long list of JewishGen hosted
mailing lists.

The Ekaterinoslav Area Research Group is dedicated to serving as an
information- gathering vehicle and clearinghouse for Jewish genealogical
as well as historical information relating to the Jewish community in
and around the city formerly known as Ekaterinoslav and now called
Dniepropetrovsk in the Ukraine. Because many Jews relocated to
Ekaterinoslav or the surrounding agricultutral colonies >from Belarus
(and many of these in turn subsequently emigrated), many of those people
already participating and also potential members will be particularly
interested in Belarus-Ekaterinoslav connections In fact, the effort to
establish this group was initiated specifically by people whose forebears
were originally >from Belarus, but later settled in Ekaterinoslav.

However there was also settlement in the area >from elsewhere in the Pale
of Settlement, and there are also people who know they have ancestors who
lived in Ekaterinoslav but do not know what prior roots those ancestors
might have had. Since these groups of ancestors no doubt intermingled
and intermarried, it makes good historical sense to embrace all of them
under the umbrella of the Ekaterinoslav area research group.

Joining this group is simple and can be done via e-mail or online.
To use the online automated webform, please go to:

and click on the word Subscribe. You will be taken to the webform
where you will follow the directions to fill out completely, then
select Ekaterinoslav which you will find listed under the Shtetl
Research Groups. Scroll down and click on the button that says
Submit my Request.

To subscribe via e-mail simply send a message addressed to:

listserv@... and say

subscribe ekaterinoslav (first name) (last name)

With either method, online or e-mail you will receive a request to
confirm the subscription. Just click on the reply button and the
message with the proper confirmation number will be returned to us.

You'll know you've done it all correctly when you receive the
Welcome Document >from the Ekaterinoslav Group which will contain
information about the address to be used when you post messages to
the entire list as well as the importance of setting your e-mail
program to send messages to us in plain text only.

If you need any help with any of this, please send an e-mail to:

Best regards,

Jerry Touger,
Ekaterinoslav Area Research Group
Jtouger@... <mailto:Jtouger@...>

TOUGER/TAVGER (Minsk gubernya and Ekaterinoslav)
PALEY(Minsk gubernya)
SADKOVSKY (Murafa and vicinity, Podolia, Ukraine)
POLONSKY (Kishinev)
mailto:support@...> .

Elsebeth Paikin, Copenhagen, Denmark,
e-mail: elsebeth@...

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