Tomaszow Mazowiecki PSA data #poland

Hadassah Lipsius <kesher@...>

Yesterday, I sent a post about the status of the Tomaszow Mazowiecki PSA
data. I figured I would share an interesting story on information that I
found >from this data. The data entry was completed just before I was
about to leave to Poland. Since I have some connections with the
JRI-Poland team, I was given an advance copy of the data and I noted which
records I wanted to look at for my upcoming personal visit to the Piotrkow
archives. (kind of sneaky huh?)

One of the records that I checked was a birth record for a distant cousin,
Devora Malka SYLBER. On the side margin of the record, written
vertically, was an additional note that stated with a document number >from
Lodz, that in 1949, Devora Malka GOLDEN (her married surname) changed her
name to Zofia PAWLOWSKA. I wasn't really sure how to take this piece of
information. It seemed that after surviving the war, she wanted to rid
herself of her Jewishness and pass into the Christian world. After what
she probably went through, I did not feel comfortable making any

So Saturday night, I was reviewing the latest Warsaw Cemetery submittal and
doing my normal quality control. I was making a slight change to one of
the date formats and I glanced over at the names and there it was, Zofia
PAWLOWSKA ! The birth year wasn't exactly right but as we all get older it
gets easier to lie about such things :-). Could it really be the same
person? I would never have looked in Warsaw for her. So, if it is the
same person then she really didn't loose her Jewish faith as she chose to
be buried in a Jewish cemetery. I am sure the name may be common but how
many other Zofia PAWLOWSKA's are also Jewish?

Hadassah Lipsius
Kew Gardens Hills, NY

PS. I would probably not have gotten any of this information if I didn't
volunteer for JRI-Poland. See the advantages of being a volunteer is that
you get the inside scoop!

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