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Jurgen Schwiening <schwiening@...>

Dear Fellow Researchers,

Is there anybody who has any experience with getting certificates/documents
from the State Archive in Wroclaw? I have written several times to a Dr.
Pater but had no answer. Am I right in thinking that responses >from Poland
tend to be very slow?
It must be unsettling for Poles to get so many inquiries (hardly ever, I
think in their mother tongue) >from people who had ancestors in Poland and
who say to them for example 'This is where my grandfather used to live,
etc. and who keep using German names. I also fear that inquiries >from Jews
or on behalf of Jews may not always be welcome.
I have made contact with the "Bundesvereinigung der Breslauer" in Germany
and the "Heimatbund Reichenbach", also in Germany. While they were
initially very helpful, and they passed my questions on to the "Deutsche
Freundschaftskreis" in Wroclaw, the office there sent me a very short reply
(after a very lond time) saying that they are unable to help and they have
now stopped responding.
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