THERE ONCE WAS A WORLD(Eishyshok, Lithuania -formally Poland) #poland


Dear Genners:

My husband and I are thrilled to announce that having the good fortune to
stumble upon a second and final copy of the above book, we have just placed
it on JewishGen auction site. It may be viewed at the following URL:

This is a FIRST EDITION 818 page nine-century saga of Eastern European Jewry.
Dr. Eliach's research took her >from family attics on six continents to state
archives no scholar had seen since the start of the cold war.

On Sunday evening, October 1st, PBS is airing "There Once Was A Town"
Survivors return to their childhood after a half-century after the holocaust
in 1941 when Nazis invaded the small town of EISHYSHOK, POLAND (now
Lithuania) and brutally murdered nearly all 3,500 Jewish residents. This
story will chronicle the remarkable journey of four survivors and their
families to their childhood home 56 years after the massacre. The 90-minute
documentary will air nationwide, BUT, BE SURE TO CHECK YOUR LOCAL LISTINGS.

May you all be inscribed and sealed for all of life's blessings.

Happy New Year,

Bobbi & Jerry Cohen

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