Rica Goldberg

Sorry to trouble you, but what is Kaminsky Polosky??

My grandmother's surname before marriage was KAMINSKY.


Rica B Goldberg
Manchester, England

Still researching the following:-
1) KAMINSKY (possibly KAMENSHCHIK) >from Yanova ( Jonava) nr Kovno,
Lithuania 2) Nosson Eliazer, Harris, Joseph and Sarah DIAMOND (possibly
DIMONT or DIAMONT) >from Kovno, Lithuania; 3) Newman LEVY, Chana & Yehuda
LEV >from KROSNIEWICE in Poland; 4) Isaac & Rebecca COHEN - >from Poland;
5) ESTRY - >from Poland; 6) GOLDBERG (SCHELENGER in Yiddish SCHLUZITSIL)

from Kovno, Lithuania;7) BERLINSKY >from ????;

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