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You provide two family names in association with Sucha. Which name applies
to your maternal g-m? What is the source of your birth information? Where
did she die and when? Have you been to the cemetery and the local
archives? What do you know about her linguistic abilities: What language
did she normally speak? Any special accent? etc. etc.

There are so many possible clues to guide you! With persistence, you
should be able to eliminate the towns that were NOT her birthplace...

I wish you every success!

On Thu, 12 Oct 2000, Joyce Eastman wrote:

My maternal grandmother was born in Sucha, Poland. How do I find out which
shtetl this is, since there appears to be more than one Sucha, Poland? She
was born on April 26, 1880. I am trying to find out more information about
her parents (my greatgrandparents), but have been unable to do so. Any

Joyce Eastman
Orange City, FL USA

FRANKL/FODOR - Trencin, Slovakia; Austria-Hungary; Vienna, Austria
WEISZ - Trencin, Slovakia; Austria-Hungary
SCHEIER - Sucha, Poland and Berlin, Germany
RUFEISEN - Sucha, Poland
KOHN - Trencin, Slovakia and Austria-Hungary
KOVACS - Trencin, Slovakia and Austria-Hungary
GROSSMANN - Trencin, Slovakia; Piestany, Slovakia; and Austria-Hungary
PORGES/PORUBSKY - Trencin, Slovakia; Bratislava, Slovakia; and
FLEISCHMANN - Trencin, Slovakia; Vienna, Austria

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