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Ernest G Holzmann <eholzman@...>

On Wed, 25 Oct 2000 wrote:

How would I go about contacting the Urkundenamt in Berlin? Dusseldorf?

Jeffrey Geizhals
Dear Jeffrey,

It appears to be easier to get information about Duesseldorf than Berlin!

The central office has an information line for e-mail inquiries:

Using this would save you both time AND cash!

The mailing address is:

Stadtverwaltung der Landeshauptstadt Duesseldorf, D-40200 Germany

They have offices on different streets, with the Standesamt at
Inselstrasse 17

The e-mail address of that office is

The web-site URL (most recently updated on Oct. 17, 2000!) is
They even give you the times to call them on the phone, if you wish to
discuss various questions. The birth and death "books" can be discussed
Monday-Friday 8.00-12.30, and Thursday 15.00-17.00.

Berlin cannot compare with this kind of accessibility information, at
least not based on what I have been able to find...

Best wishes for success!

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