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Stanley Diamond

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On April 15, I wrote a letter to Nazelna Dyrecja Achiwow, Panstwowych,

Warszawa, Skr Poczt 2005, uldluga.
i requested 6 birth records >from Warsawa for Max Moskowitz ,1863; Esther
Pasternack,born 1867; Samuel Moskowitz, born about the same time; Hannah
Moskowitz, also born about the same time, Laibish Pasternack, Esther's
father, including his marriage and death record; and Jacov Grobart, birth
On June 6, I received an answer:
the National Archives is sending by attachment a letter >from Mr. sheldon
Stern, and requests that you conduct the genealogical research in the
Thus far, I have heard nothing. Sincerely, Sheldon D. Stern, M.D.
I believe the post below (26th October) answers Dr. Stern's question
about delivery.

Stanley Diamond
Project Coordinator, Jewish Records Indexing - Poland

Subj: News on delivery of orders >from the Polish State Archives
Date: 10/26/00

This message is addressed specifically to those who replied
to the urgent request made by the Board of JRI-Poland for
statistical information on the orders for copies of records you
placed with the Polish State Archives. We mentioned that the
information was needed with the PSA today.

First, we went to tell you that, in replying to our request, you
were in the minority!

Since we have a rough idea of how many orders have been
placed with the PSA during the last year ("more than 200"),
we were able to determine that we only received about a
10% response. Naturally it was very disappointing that the
report on our survey to the PSA was based on such a small
sample. C'mon folks, you can do better than that <grin>.

Now for the news. The director of the Warsaw region of the
PSA, Mr. Ryszard Wojtkowsksi stated today that most orders
have now been shipped and that within two weeks, all branches
will be caught up. The reference here is to branches in Mlawa,
Nowy Dwor, Pultusk, and Warsaw. As previously mentioned,
one of the principle factors leading to the delay in carrying out
orders for records in the Warsaw branch was the large project
to fumigate and preserve many of the needed registers.

The PSA is also making efforts to ensure that branches in
other regions respond as quickly as possible.

Stanley Diamond and Michael Tobias

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