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Dear All,
My ancesters are >from Susnowiec, Poland. But I have not found or is=20
there mention of this town. Please help.
Glenn Landsman

The surviving Jewish vital records of Sosnicowice (formerly=20
Kieferst=E4dtel, Preu=DFen, Schlesien, Germany) only start in 1901
and because they are less than 100 years old and are not in
the Polish State Archives (they are in the Sosnicowice civil
records office) they are not available to JRI-Poland for indexing.

However, there is a Mormon microfilm with records for this town
(Film #1,184,428) which are alternatives to births and deaths.=20
The records are:

Circumcision: 1806-1865 =20
Cemetery: 1831-1893 =20

As yet, no one has volunteered to be a Shtetl CO-OP leader for this
town so the indices do not appear in the JRI-Poland website. To=20
learn how you can volunteer to help this happen, please take a look
at the Shtetl CO-OP page on the JRI-Poland web site and then=20
contact Shtetl CO-OP coordinator, Hadassah Lipsius at:

Stanley Diamond
Project Coordinator, Jewish Records Indexing - Poland=20

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