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Stanley Diamond

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Please forgive question that has been answered recently, and one that has
nothing to do with JEWISH genealogy. I couldn't answers in the archives.
A friend wanted to know the cheapest way to send money to Poland to get

My friend is of Polish Catholic background. His father's birthplace is
in Lithuania (It is a little town between Kovno/Kaunas and

Where does he write to get records? How does he find someone to do

for him in Poland or Lithuania (wherever the records are located)?

Thank you for your help-

Robin B. Seidenberg
Since the records are most likely in the Kovno/Kaunas or Vilnius/Vilna
Lithuania Archives, your friend has to send money to Lithuania, not
Poland. Perhaps some of the information in the following post on
our mailing list will be of use to your friend.

Stanley Diamond
Project Coordinator, Jewish Records Indexing - Poland

Subj: [jri-pl] Re: Sending Money to Poland
Date: 10/2/2000 11:46:58 AM Eastern Daylight Time
To: (JRI-Poland)

I would like to thank all those who responded so generously to
my recent posting requesting information on the best (and most
economical) way to send money to Poland. Acting on the
assumption that there are others who might be interested in
the responses, I am summarizing them here:

1) I found the cheapest way to send money to Poland was to go
to the local supermarket and buy a money order. The archives
accepted it immediately. Mona Freedman Morris, Boca Raton, FL

2) I send money to Poland all of the time. What has worked best,
and is least expensive for our researcher in Poland, is to use a Bank
Money Order and then mail it. Dick Goldman, President, JGS of

3) >from France a bank transfer or a postal order costs at least
150 FF ( 20 to 25 USD ) whatever the amount. For small amounts
I sent travellers checks in USD; it worked perfectly. Moreover the
Polish Archives sent me a check for an overpayment of a few dollars!
Nicole Berline

4) Try a US Postal International Money Order. Make sure it is the
International one. Richard Sandler

5) An alternate source was suggested by several members of the local
German Genealogy Group on Long Island. ICE reportedly charges $5
a check:

International Currency Express Inc.
427 North Camden Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

6) Get an international money order >from American Express.
This should cost about $10.00. If you have an American
Express credit card, I have been told that they waive the fee.
I hope this helps.

Thank you again to all those who responded with your most helpful
suggestions. With best wishes for a happy, healthy, and sweet
New Year to all.

Barbara Algaze
Los Angeles, California

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