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Please forgive my ignorance. How large an area would Tarnopol records cover?
I believe my great grandparents, Joseph and Bella Erlichman Brenner, came
from Zinkov (Kamenets Podolskiy vicinity). My great grandmother's sisters,
Mirka Erlichman Weisman and Ida Erlichman Beckman, lived in Proskurov (same
area) and/or Zinkov. When I searched the surname list, I found Brener,
Brenner, Beckmann, Ehrlich, Weismann, Weissmann, ... I find it hard to
believe that all the family names would coincidentally be in Tarnopol. I
know people did move around, and that Ternopol and Kamenets Podolskiy are
only about 50 miles apart.

About a year and a half ago, I received e-mail >from a gal in Israel named
Ehrlich (whose family name was originally Ehrlichman). She knew her family
came >from Ternopol. At that time, I didn't know our family came >from
Kamenets Podolskiy.

Any help would be appreciated.

Robin B. Seidenberg

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