More Tarnopol Births Indices Online #poland


I am proud to announce the addition of nearly 7,000 Tarnopol birth indices
for 1882-1892. There are now over 12,500 Tarnopol Birth indices covering
years 1866-1892 on the JRI-Poland database. These indices are the result of
JRI-Poland's agreement with the Polish State Archives to index all the 19th
Century vital records for 82 towns in the former Eastern Galicia area
(currently located in Ukraine) that are held by the AGAD Archives in Warsaw.

When you search the database, you can narrow your search to the towns in East
Galicia (current Ukraine) by entering Province = "Ukraine." To narrow your
search to only Tarnopol, enter Town = "Tarnopol."

For those who have never ordered records >from the Polish State Archives
through a JRI-Poland database search, instructions are available in my
announcement of October 24. I provided detailed instructions to search the
database and order records of interest >from the AGAD Archives. You can find
these instructions by using the JewishGen SIG Lists Archives, which can be
accessed at <>.
Search for "Tarnopol" and you will find my October 24 posting.

I wish all Tarnopol area researchers great success in their search of the
database. If you do find success, I would appreciate if you would post your
experiences on this forum.

The addition of further indices for Tarnopol and the other towns in the
Tarnopol Area depend on reaching individual town fundraising targets. You can
help accelerate the addition of further indices to the Tarnopol database by
contributing to your town's indexing. Instructions for contributing can be
found at <>. Please identify your
contribution with the name of the town for which the funds are intended. More
information about the Tarnopol Area initiative is available at
<> or by contacting me
at <>. The webpage also lists the other 12 towns whose vital
records registers are part of the Tarnopol Area project.

May you all have success in your search.

Mark Halpern
AGAD Tarnopol Area Coordinator


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