Info abt Warsaw Ghetto #poland

Terry Ostrach <to-5star@...>

Hope one of you folks can help me with this information. I'm trying to
focus my search for my husband's maternal family ancestors who in the US
have used the names Gilfenbain, Galfenbaum, and Elfenbaum, but we believe
that the name in Poland was Elfenbein. In need some information about the
Warsaw Ghetto. Here is the background, first:

My husband's grandfather (Avrum {Elfenbein} Gilfenbain) was >from Warszawa
and was
born in 1890. He had a sister, Hannah, born approximately in 1878 or 1879.
I did a search in the JRI-Poland/Warszawa section for Elfenbain.
The search produced a marriage record in Zakroczym, a town on the
northern outskirts of Warszawa in1877 for Icjek Eflenbein.
Family "memory" indicates that Avrum's father was called "Itzi" so
I am hoping that Icjek Elfenbein is "ours."
The marriage year is "good" since it "works" with Hannah's birth date,
and she was his oldest child.
If I could find a birth record connecting either Hannah or Avrum to
Icjek Eflenbein, then I would have a certainty.
I haven't run across the name "Elfenbain"very often in the lists, so I'm
hoping this is it.

Now, here's my question. My Sister-in-law insists that since Avrum
was >from Warsaw that he MUST have lived in the Warsaw ghetto though
she concedes that Itzi may have come >from an area outside of the city.
I'm not about to have an unfounded discourse with my sister-in-law about
something I know little about.

Is it true that ALL Jews in Warsaw ca 1900 lived in the Ghetto? If so, what
was the location of the Ghetto in Warsaw? Did it have a name? Was it a
shtetl? What side of Warsaw was it on? Are there Ghetto records anywhere?

BTW, I've sent to Poland for the above record listed in the JRI PSA list. I
imagine it will be awhile before I get it back. I'll let you all know when
that happens.


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