civil registration vs sinagogue registration(Warszava) #poland

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Dear listers!
I'm quite new to this list but for a few time I was performing a search regarding my Warsawa-borned ncestors off-line. The web allowed me to enjoyed >from a dozen of new entrances founded in wounderful on-line REIPP database.
But I didn't find out here any answer to my improtant question say theoretical question.
My ggparents were born in Warsawa in 1869(my ggmother),1872, 1875 - ggmother's brother and sister. Gma Khana Tatelbom was got civil registration in 1877. I've supposed together with her smaler brother and sister.
So, does anybody has any idea is there somewhere(in Warsawa or elsewhere) sinagogue registers for the said years or there is nothing like original sinagogue registers and only civil registration for a few years and for a few districts of warsawa(as it follows >from REIPP data) are hold?
Does anybody has any idea REIPP put in the web notices about all existing civil regiters or not? I recognize that not all years mentioned in the web are indexed. Perhaps, something for some years are hold in Warsawa or it is hopeless and due to WWII we have such holes like between 1860 and 1880(ab. 20 years)?
And againe I'm worry has anybody even seen NON-civil registration for Warsawa jews?
Irene Anisov

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