Re: The Pinkeltrager of Gut Miskowitz - Tabor Kreis #austria-czech


In 2001 a book was published by "vybral a sestavil Vladimir Hrbek."
What ever that all means and the book is called Dejiny Myslkovic a okoli.
Myslkovic--the town you are speaking about is near Tabor and my
cousin Hanus Justic >from this town brought this book back with him >from
a trip there. It is a very well done book with pictures but I can't
read CZ to assit with this. On the first few pages is PREDMLUVA written
and signed by Karel Podrasky starosta. Anyone in the LA area that wants
to take a look and can translate? Please let me know.
Maybe we can learn about these Pinkel Tragers.
Thanks Susan Boyer LA CA

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