Re: LDS Birth Records #poland

Hadassah Lipsius <kesher@...>

Phil asks:

I have found LDS birth records of interest to me on
the database. However, few list parents. Why are the
names of parents not being entered onto the database?

The Jewish Records Indexing-Poland's database contains the transliteration
of the index >from the vital records registers. The Shtetl CO-OPs and
volunteers transliterate the information on the index, so if the index does
not contain the parents names then it will not appear on the database. As
it is stated on the website, the database is a first step in your research.

The actual record contains valuable information and your research could
not be complete with out it.

There are a few towns that have extracts on the JRI-Poland database but
those are special circumstances, such as the towns/cities of Warsaw, Tarnow
and Bedzin where volunteers at the Douglas E. Goldman Jewish Genealogical
Center have translated/transliterated full extracts >from the records.

The JRI-Poland volunteers work very hard and spend many hours
transliterating the indices and they should be applauded for their work.

So, speaking of volunteers..... I have sitting in my office, copies of
indices >from the towns of Krzepice and Bodzanow just ready for someone to
work on. Are there any takers out there?

Hadassah Lipsius
Transliteration Coordinator

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