Re: Payment when we order copies of records from the PSA #poland

Stanley Diamond

In a message dated 4/12/2001 5:59:13 PM EDT

Dear friends,
To order copies of records >from the PSA (NOT >from Mormon microfilms!):
"special instructions" say:
- do not send personnal checks
-payment must be included with the order.
I would like to know if we may send (>from France) a postal money order
in Euros or in French Francs (it is the only one possibility offered to us
by the Postoffice!) In this case, the payment wil arrive later than our
command (order) but the photocopy of the order can be joined to the
acts-order :is it a problem?
Florence Mendelssohn, Paris (France)
Because orders are now sent directly to the local branches of the
Polish State Archives, there is no longer a central source of policy
regarding payment.

The local branches of the arcives have experience in handling
US$ payments but may not be willing to accept payment in
other currencies.

I can only suggest that you write to the specific archive branch
(>from which you plan to order copies of documents) before
sending your order and arranging for payment and ask what
other forms of payment will be accepted. To preclude any
misunderstanding, I suggest the letter be written in Polish.

Stanley Diamond
Project Coordinator, Jewish Records Indexing - Poland

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