Ellis Island data saving tip #poland

Carlos Glikson

For those using Internet Explorer and Microsoft's Excel spreadsheets, and
happily gaining access to Ellis Island Data Base, this is a way of saving
for later searching and sorting the recovered data.(once you are in !):

1 - Open Excel
2- There are different ways to highlight ("paint") the information in the
Ellis Island Data Base, and copy it to Windows' clipboard and >from there to
Excel. This is one:
3 - Go back to the Ellis Island results page
4- Left click at the space before the beginning of the data you wish to
copy. A good place is before the E in Exact Matches (number of matches)
before the first result.
5 - Apparently nothing will happen - don't worry . Go the space after the
last information in the last results line, press Shift in the keyboard, keep
it pressed.
6 - Left click after the last information in the last data line. The
selected data area will be highlighted.
7 - Let go the Shift key, and Right click anywhere in the highlighted area.
Left or Right Click on Copy. The data will be copied to Windows' clipboard
8 - Go to the Excel spreadsheet. Place yourself in the top left cell of the
free area where you want to paste the info.
9 - Click Left button, then click on Paste.
10- The data will be copied - together with the embedded links and the line
colours - in different columns, ready to save in your hard disk in a
searchable and sortable spreadsheet.

Now you can cross your fingers, go to the next search page in Ellis Island
web site, and repeat >from 4 . Save the spreadsheet frequently. Have a
succesful search!

Buenos Aires, Argentina
e-Mail cglikson@iname.com

Searching for

Sejny, Sopotkin, Koenigsberg/ POKROISKY, POKROJSKI, POKROY: Suwalki,
Kremenchug, Kharkov/ FELCHINSKY: Kremenchug, Vilnius/ KARP: Grodno.

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cousin and I found two people through the Ellis Island site while
talking long distance on the phone Friday evening. Both individuals
were on the same ship.
That's another important thing to do. Check out the ship's manifest.
It may be hundreds of pages long, as when my father-in-law arrived in
1921 or just 30 as when his father arrived in 1911. I thought I had the
wrong family because of the spellings and locations, but when I checked
the manifest I found what could only have been the correct family.

Original search showed Beila Ostrak >from Jassy Roumania. Her husband,
who arrived 9 years earlier (to save up the money for the family) was
listed as Zitec Ostrach >from Bar, Russia.

When I asked my husband about the Roumania link he said that his
grandmother had to cross the Dnieper River in the Ukraine and hide out
in Roumania with the children (they left during the 1919 pogroms in
Bar). Once they got their papers to continue on, it took them 2 years
to cross the continent and then the channel to depart >from Southampton,

Here is what we "knew" before my search:

Bella Ostrach and her children, Esther, Sara, and Herschel (Harry) left
the Ukraine in October of 1919. We knew they arrived in the US sometime
in the early 1920s. Here is what I found on the Ellis Island Site:

Beila Ostrak 35, and her children, listed as Sura 12, Ester 14, and Hers
9 arrived at Ellis Island on April 29, 1921. (They were Sara 12, Esther
13, and Herschel 10, and all were born in Bar, Ukraine.) They were all
listed as having come >from Jassy Roumania, ethnicity--Roumania, Hebrew.
They arrived on the ship "Adriatic" which carried about 3,000 people in
steerage and 450 in 1st or 2nd class. The Adriatic sailed out of
Southampton, UK. The ship manifest is 300 pages long! Searching each
of those is a task which will wait for later.

Beila's husband, Samuel, (Zitic on the Ellis Island record) obviously
left with a group of young men >from Bar in 1911, a few months after
Zitic(Samuel) was born. He arrived on the Uranium in January of 1911
and his place of origin is clearly given as Bar. His name was spelled
Ostrach, and that is the way it has been spelled since then.

It's an interesting exercise in unraveling a puzzle, but even though I
was excited by finding the family, it was totally mind-bending to see an
immigrant named Teresia Ostrak having arrived in the US in 1905. I
mean, come on, my name is Teresia Ostrach (by marriage), and that is
unusual in itself. I NEVER expected to see that spelling on anyone
else's name.

Terry Ostrach (Teresia R. Hamel Ostrach)

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