Re: Galician districts for purposes of JRI #galicia


If your town is not amongst the 90 East Galician Administrative district and
subdistrict towns in the AGAD project (see the Excel table accessible >from
<> by clicking on "90 towns"
in the first paragraph), there are two ways to determine if your town's
records were registered in one of these 90 towns.

1. "Finding Your Jewish Roots in Galicia: A Resource Guide" by Suzan F. Wynne
has a finding aid, starting on page 132, that alphabetically lists Galician
towns where Jews were living during the 1870 census. Alongside, the town
listed as Subdistrict is where those records were registered.
2. At <> is a Galician Town
Locator, which will identify where Jewish vital records were registered.
Using the Austrian era name, insert your town's name and click on "search."
The resultant table will show where Jewish records were kept.

Researchers who contribute the "Qualifying amount" to a town indexing project
are eligible to receive (electronically) that town's index files in Excel
format. These Excel files contain the same indices that are loaded to the
JRI-Poland database. However, the Excel files can enhance your research by
enabling you to sort and search the files in ways that cannot be accomplished
using the online search capability. To find out the "Qualifying amount" for a
town, please contact the Town Leader or myself. Each Town Leader's name and
e-mail address is listed in the Excel table referenced in the first paragraph

You can help ensure the indexing of your Galician town's records. Please
consider a contribution to the AGAD project. Information on contributing is
available at <>.

Mark Halpern
AGAD Archives Coordinator

In a message dated 5/8/01 1:24:13 AM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

With regard to the JRI-Poland Galician records project, I'm interested in
contributing to several town-projects the $50 needed to obtain that town's
records in Excel format. I understand that not all towns have their own
records, and many are included with other, presumably larger, neighboring
towns. However, while I obviously cannot afford to contribute $50 to any
town which could possibly have relevant records, neither do I wish to miss
large, obvious source of information.

With that in mind, I am trying to determine which towns' records I am best
off obtaining in Excel format. I would appreciate any thoughts on whether
I have missed any obvious opportunities, based upon my towns of interest.

The towns in which I am interested are as follows (all are in Galicia):


I am therefore considering contributing to the following town-projects:


Do I also want to consider Burshtyn, Drogobych, & Stryy? How strongly
should I consider them? Any others?

Any and all thoughts will be appreciated.

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