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I am surely not the definitive authority, but I will give the reasoning
behind my answer. Maybe some more knowledgeable readers will chime in.

Since registration was the responsibility of the Rabbi in the Jewish
Administrative district town, and that Rabbi was appointed by the Government,
it would stand to reason that the marriage was registered in the district
town that was responsible for the town where the marriage took place.

Having said that, you should know that Jews in Galicia during the period of
Austrian rule, up through the late 19th Century, did not usually register
their religious marriages with the civil authority. Many civil marriages
were, therefore, performed many years after the religious ceremony. If the
couple then lived in a different town, you wouldn't necessarily know where
the original religious ceremony took place. I have found the civil marriage
registration of one set of great grandparents in 1898 at the ages of 60 and

I hope this helps.

Mark Halpern

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This questions refers to Eastern Galicia (now Ukraine), but may
apply to other areas, too. If a groom >from one town marries a
bride >from another town - where would the marriage be registered?
In the bride's town, where usually the ceremony took place or in
the groom's town, in which they usually settled?

Any insights will be welcome!

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