Re: Question on serving as a soldier #galicia

Howard Spindel <howard@...>

Yes, Jews could fight as soldiers. My grandfather was drafted into the
Austrian army. I don't know how you would find army records.


At 06:05 PM 5/7/01 -0300, Lilian Schorr wrote:
I have a question about my grandfather Benzion Schorr.
I have been trying to understand how did my grandfather
die, as I remember beiung told that he died around the
end of WWI. Could a Jew fight as a soldier???
That would have been Austro-Hungarian Empire or
Polish soldier???
He was living in Podkamien-Stryy during those days.
Is there any way to find records, information???
Thank you in advance to all who can put some light into
these hidden memories which have started to show up.

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