Re: Dead but not Born #galicia

IsraelP <zach4v6@...>

I expect that the moderator will soon ring down the curtain on this
discussion, but since I brought it up, I'd like to get in a few comments.

Most respondents felt that the problem described represented a
problem with the registration of births. To my mind that would have
led us to expect many unrecorded births of people who grew to
adulthood - which is not borne out by that records I have seen.

So I have been looking for a solution at the death end. What Lois
suggests here makes the most sense, so I took the death records
with identifiable parents and worked back to see if they had some
other child who was born at the time. Even if we assume errors in the
age given at death, we still account for only about half the deaths.

So the problem stands and I for one am prepared to make footnotes
and move on. For now.

Israel Pickholtz

My mother-in-law, Sarah Tarmy Schwall, was born in Brestlitovsk (sp?),
Russia. She used to talk about the fairly common custom of changing the
name of a seriously ill child in order to "fool the angel of death."
Obviously, this practice did not always prove effective and may account
for some of the "dead but not born" children. Lois Schwall

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