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Thank you, Perets, for your reply! Being french ,I have not the same
pronounciation of the letter "u" as in englich, but I have now the hope to
find one day "Emanuel" (any spelling) on the JRI-Poland data-base .
Best regards,
Florence Mendelssohn

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BUT I found NO "Emanuel" (any family name) on the JRI-Poland data-bases
the 19th century !
Thats why I suppose that any "Emanuel", born at that time, must have had
second firstname (maybe "Mendel" ???)

I **have** found the name Emanuel in the JRI-Poland data-bases! You need
know how it is spelt, though. Bearing in mind that in most of Poland the
Hebrew vowel represented by -u- in English was pronounced as -i- or -y-,
can recognize the names 'Emanyl' and 'Amoniel' (both found ion the
JRI-Poland databases) as valid representations in Polish of the name spelt
'Emanuel' in English

Perets Mett

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