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Many of us have wondered: Why are there no records for Janow, Poland before
1863? I now have two answers--one >from 1884 and one >from 2001, >from the
current mayor of Janow, Poland!

1884: The birth record for my grandfather's ENGLANDER first cousin mentions
that all of the pre-1863 records burned. >from his 1863 Janow birth
certificate, issued in 1884:

The reason that this document is being composed so late is as follows [in the
words of father Fiszel Englander]: "This year [1884], my son Abe Abraham has
become a part of the list of draftees of Tchernogorod's Administrative
District. On the basis of Article 45 of the Code of Laws of the Military
Service he is subject to be drafted on the basis of the general law. He may
be eligible for an exemption which was not recognized since he was unable to
present a birth certificate--this because of the fire in the hamlet of Janow
in June 1863 which destroyed the birth and death certificates of the
non-Christian [= Jewish] population and because the duplicates of these
certificates were destroyed at the former Zharets District Court in 1870.
Therefore, my son was unable to present his birth certificate. In order to
determine his age, therefore, the present document [birth certificate] was
December 2001: The current mayor of Janow, Poland informs us (just last
week!) of this event in 1863....

1863 (6th July 1863)
During the insurrection against Russia a squad (about 200 people) of Colonel
Zygmunt Chmielinski attacks and destroys Russian forces which are stationed in
Janow and intercept a transport of the tsar's gold. 3 days later, Colonel
Ernroth (commandant of Czestochowa) comes to Janow with his squad, and burns
down the entire town! Some of citizens of Janow are killed and their bodies
are thrown into a well which located in the center of the city. Ernroth
attacks Chmielinski's forces (near the village of Smiertny Dab) but
Chmielisnki is able to withdraw without losses.

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