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Hi Daniel and others,
I wonder what your take is on this: For decades I was under the impressio=
that my grandparents (maternal) were >from Yanow in what is now Poland. Th=
about 3 years ago, while living in the Detroit area where there is a larg=
Polish population, I was told that there are/were numerous cities/towns n=
Yanow, and based on our discussion of the geography and that one of my
relatives was >from Rymanow, it was likely that they were >from Yanow Lubel=
Since that discussion I have been unable to find any further information.=
you have any knowledge of Yanow vs. Yanow Lubelski?

Yes, I do have a lot of information on this city. First, note that "Yanow"
is actually "Janow." Next, note the LDS films listings for "Janow":

Janow KA B 1863-1882 1,646,267 =A0
Janow KA BMD 1880/1888 1,646,268 =A0
Janow Lubelski LU BMD 1883-1887 1,808,843 =A0
Janow Podlaski LU BMD 1826-1839 807,766 DO
Janow Podlaski LU BMD 1840-1843 807,767 DO
Janow Podlaski LU BMD 1844-1865 807,768 DO
Janow Podlaski LU BMD 1866-1869 937,498 LA
Janow Podlaski LU BMD 1855/1877 1,496,625 =A0

These listings suggest that there are Jewish 3 Janows. (In fact, there are
many other Janows--but not Jewish Janows!)

Next, note the results for "Janow" at JewishGen's FamilyFinder:

You will find these:

Janow Lubelski Poland
Janow Podlaski Poland
Janow Sokolski Poland
Janow Poland

There are, then, 3 or 4 different "Janows." Just plain "Janow," however,
refers to the Janow that is near Czestochowa, Zarki, Mstow, Lelow, and
Przyrow, here:

And it was this Janow which I was referring to in my earlier message.

A listing of surnames in the PSA records for this Janow may be found here:

Also, you should be able to locate the other Janows here:


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