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Stanley Diamond

In a message dated 12/25/01 7:07:16 PM EST, "Michel Heyman"

It has been sometime since I did any research in Poland. Records for
Drzewica are not apparently available through JRI-PSA and/or through
LDS. However, records for Drewica are available at the PSA. I have
approximately five surnames to research at the PSA branch in Radom.
What are the latest means for requesting these records on the Web
if any? Must we still write directly to the PSA or can this be done
through "Sezam". If the research can be done through "Sezam" how
do you request a blanket search by surname? Thank you for any input.
The following Jewish vital records of Drzewica are available at the
Radom branch of the Polish State Archives.

Births: 1872-1879, 1881, 1884-1893, (1908-1913, 1915-1941)
Marriages: 1881, 1890, 1895-1901 (1902-14, 1916-1922, 1925-1941)
Deaths: 1872-1901 (1902-1918, 1920-1941)

While none of these records have been filmed by the LDS, the
records that are 100 or more years old are available for indexing
by JRI-Poland.

However, until a volunteer Archive Coordinator comes forward to
lead the project to index the Jewish vital records in the Radom
Archives that have not been filmed by the LDS, the above
mentioned records of Drzewica will not be indexed.

Other towns for which there are records in the Radom Archives:

Nowe Miasto nad Pilica
Solec nad Wisla

Researchers have three options for researching the records of
Drzewica and the other towns:

1. Write to the Radom archives and pay $15 per hour for research
of the towns in which they are interested.
2. Pay a qualified private researcher at a higher rate to do the work.
3. Support JRI-Poland's efforts to index the records for these same
towns and make them available on-line.

Perhaps it is useful to repeat part of the message posted by
Daniel Kazez.

In answer to the following post:

Can someone recommend a person in Poland who can do that
for a reasonable fee? It is a very definitive and narrow task.
(I would not like to wait for the corresponding PSA project
which is in very early stages)
Daniel responded:

"Allow me to offer a personal note on the message above: I have
investigated Polish archive holdings (1)in person, (2)long-distance
via a researcher, and (3)by the PSA results >from JRI-Poland. I
have found the JRI-Poland results to be most complete. My
experience is, of course, just one person's experience."

Then Israel Pickholtz wrote:

The search we paid AGAD to do of Pikholz birth records in Rozdol
turned up 65 births. The Excel file that came >from the JRI project gave
us 110. 'Nuff said.
(note: the research referred to by Israel Pickholtz pre-dated the
JRI-Poland project to index the records at the AGAD archives.)

One of the reasons for whatever success JRI-Poland enjoys is
the willingness of researchers to combine their efforts with their
fellow genealogists and family historians for the benefit of all
current researchers and those who will follow us.

During my most recent visit to Poland, JRI-Poland was assured
of a fast turnaround time for index pages >from both the Radom
and Kielce Archives. But we cannot order these index pages
until there is an Archive Coordinator on board for one or both of
these projects. The indexing of specific towns can start as
soon as that happens and as soon as the LDS films for the
towns have been inventoried.

For those towns, such as Drzewica, where there are no LDS
films, the index pages can be ordered almost immediately.
Once again, it comes back to having an Archive Coordinator
on board and a Town Leader for the specific town.

For information on the roles of Archive Coordinators and Town
Leaders who work with them to raise the funds for each town,
please go to the JRI-Poland web site and click on the
"Polish States Archives Project."

Stanley Diamond
Project Coordinator, Jewish Records Indexing - Poland

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