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For those that are fluent in Polish, I received an official document in
the mail and need it translated to English (as my Polish is 'bit' rusty).

The letter is at:

Thanks for any help anyone can offer.
I have already responded directly to Micah with details of the
JRI-Poland AGAD project that is applicable to his search of
surnames >from Obertyn.

The letter that is posted on ViewMate is a response to a
genealogical inquiry and states that they can perform the
research at a rate of $15 per hour and provide copies of
applicable records for $5 per copy (this means $5 per page).

Since JRI-Poland is in the process of indexing all the vital
records for east Galicia housed at the AGAD Archives,
research can be performed by the genealogist >from the comfort
of their own home. And, as many of us know, our Galician
families were fairly mobile and there is a good chance that
our ancestors will also show up in indices of nearby
communities -- another advantage of using JRI-Poland.

Below is a recent posting to the JewishGen list that is
reproduced with the permission of Israel Pickholtz:

"Those who wonder about the value of the JRI project as compared
to a private search, might consider the following anecdote.

The Pikholz Project paid AGAD for a search of Pikholz birth and death
records a couple of years ago. For the relevant periods, they told us
they found sixty-five births and ten deaths. This week, we (JRI
contributors and town leaders) received the Excel file for Rozdol
indexing and there were 110 births and eighteen deaths of Pikholz
descendants for the same periods. That's after a brief examination.
There may be a few more that I missed."

The bottom line is that researchers can save money, ensure
the best research available (yourself), and never leave their
house or office. However, each indexing project must pay the
cost to index these records. Your donation will help. Use the
money you will save to support the JRI-Poland projects.
Information on how to contribute are shown at the bottom of
this message.

Happy New Year to all,
Mark Halpern
AGAD Archives Coordinator

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