Re: Polish Wire Transfers #galicia

Robert Mandelbaum

Thanks to everyone who responded to my query. I thought that others who
found themselves faced with similar instructions might appreciate knowing the
answers, especially since there is a piece of the puzzle that turns out to be
a bit confusing.

BGZ S.A. Malbork is the easy one. It stands for Bank Gospodarki Zywnosciowej
(Bank of Economic Alimentary). This particular (Malbork) branch appears to
be located at ul. 17 Marca 43, 82-200 Malbork, Poland. (By the way, S.A.
stands for Spolka Akcyjna, which basically means Incorporated, and needs not
be written out.)

A number of people wrote to say that Bank PBK Oddzial III/Warszawa (note that
there was a misspelling in the letter that I originally received--it should
be Oddzial III, not Oddzia_III) referred to the Pomorski Bank Kredytowy
(Pomorski Credit Bank), Warsaw III (or 3rd Division) Branch, located at ul.
Krucza 24/26, Warszawa, Poland. But the Pomorski Credit Bank is a
government-run institution for national-level transfers only. The correct
bank is instead Polski Bank Komercyjny (Polish Commercial Bank), which is a
commercial bank, located at ul. Jasna 8, PL 00-950 Warszawa, Poland.

Robert Mandelbaum
New York, New York

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