Webmaster par excellence --Steve Zedeck, thank you!! #poland


Dear Friends,

When I first joined Jewishgen and Jewish Records Indexing - Poland back in
1997, Steve ZEDECK was there. When I became the Belchatow Shtetl CO-OP
Coordinator with JRI-Poland, Steve was available to guide me through
producing charts and tables for the internet and quietly fixed all the flaws
before uploading my material. When I was sending almost daily updates for
the Polish Business Directory volunteer table and the JRI-Poland Inventories,
he uploaded the information within hours, sometimes minutes, of my requests.
He answered all technical questions easily and generously and no question
was too basic for him to give it a respectful answer.

The databases he created were unique and advanced all our personal
genealogical discoveries. He unassuminglly shared his technical expertise and
time, a great deal of time, with so many of us. His behind the scenes
creations were the foundations of so much of our work and will continue to be
the cornerstone for what we do in the future.

Gratitude and all good things to Steve on his retirement as webmaster of
JRI-Poland. Good wishes for all his future endeavors. He will be missed, but
hope he stops by now and then and spends some future time in the Jewish
genealogical world.

Warm regards and gratitude,
Roni Seibel Liebowitz
New York

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