Re: VM 1335 Austrian Military Uniform #galicia


I want to thank everyone who help to identify the uniform
in VM1335.

The most authoritative response said that he was a Sergeant
(Zugsfurher) in the Austrian Army ca. 1878 or later. He was
attached to a Landwehr (Infantry) batallion >from near Lwow.
He wears a markmanship lanyard.

Mark Halpern

---- Original Message-----
<< I have posted a photo of Israel BUSHSBAUM taken about
1875 in or near Lwow (VM 1335). He is wearing a uniform that
nobody in the family can identify. I am hoping that someone
can provide the identification or a clue to its origin. I am
interested also in the meaning of the six stars on the lapel.

Family lore says that Israel was in the Austrian service, but
we are not even sure that this is an Austrian Army uniform.

The image can be accessed directly at

Please reply privately.

Thanks in advance for the help. >>

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