Volunteers needed for projects #poland

Joyce Field

Volunteers needed

1. Dachau Indexing Project: Summer vacations will be upon us soon
and, in order to keep up our pace in the indexing of the Dachau
records (about 120,000-122,000 records, of which over 30,000 have
already been indexed), we need additional data entry volunteers to
replace those who will be traveling and vacationing.

This work requires that you have a recent version of Excel on your
computer, that you have the ability to receive graphic images in jpeg
format, and that you have good vision so that you can read the
records which are submitted electronically and are not always
completely legible. No translation skills are needed as you will be
typing exactly what is written in the original German records into
the Excel spreadsheet.

To volunteer for this project, write to Harriet Brown at
hbrown@jewishgen.org. If you want to test whether you will be
comfortable working on the project, Harriet will send you a sample
jpeg image with instructions.

2. Yizkor Book Project: I also need a volunteer for the Yizkor Book
Project who can scan text and images and who has recent OCR software.
English sections of yizkor books can be added to the Yizkor Book
Translations Project if the English texts can be scanned, ocred, and
proofread. Contact me at jfield@jewishgen.org if you can help.

Additional volunteers can be used to enter data >from the 1939 census
of Bedzin, Poland. There are 22,000 records that need to be entered
into an Excel template so that this file can be converted to a
searchable database on the JewishGen database site at
<http://www.jewishgen.org/databases/>. Please contact me at
jfield@jewishgen.org if you can help.

Thank you.

Joyce Field

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