Multi-linqual Response Forms to be considered by PSA #poland



Here again is the information needed in order to get this project off the
ground. Receiving responses >from the Polish State Archives in a language you
can understand will be so much easier for all of us. Please remember to
bring copies of your translated responses in ENGLISH to the conference. I am
staying at the hotel. You can leave them at the front desk for me.

If you are not attending the conference, please ask me for my snail mail
address and mail them to me or send them via e-mail. Hope to see you in

A copy of the original post is below.

<<The Polish State Archives has expressed a willingness to
explore the use of a standard multi-lingual response form or forms,
when communicating with researchers.

Jewish Records Indexing - Poland has volunteered to assemble
typical responses received >from branches by our researchers
and endeavor to create the standard forms.

Please send me an ENGLISH translation of whatever you have
received in the past >from the Polish State Archives, on whatever
subject. Do not send the Polish version.

You can e-mail these letters, send them snail mail, or if you plan
to attend the Conference in Toronto, bring the copies of the letters
and ENGLISH translations with you. If you need my snail mail
address, e-mail me and I will send it to you.

Receiving responses >from the Polish State Archives translated
into languages we can understand will save all of us a great deal
of time and frustration. So please dig out those letters and get
them to me so we can move this project along.

If you want to take the time to lay out a form you think the
PSA could have used instead of the letter, that could be
helpful. After all, you know the specifics of your case better
than anyone.

Thank you. Hope to see you at the Conference.>>

Roni Seibel Liebowitz
For the Board of JRI-Poland
New York

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