Lodz Archives Project -- surname lists updated #poland


Dear Fellow Researchers,

JRI-Poland has placed online surname lists for several towns in the Lodz
region. These are surnames that appear in the non-microfilmed, archival
Jewish records housed in the Lodz branch of the Polish State Archives. The
majority of the surnames appeared in these towns in the latter part of the
19th century, however, earlier years may be included for some towns.

Surname lists are now online for:
Konstantynow Lodzki
Ozorkow (data not yet online in the JRI-Poland database)
Zdunska Wola
Zloczew (data not yet online in the JRI-Poland database)

To view the surnames, access:
< http://www.jewishgen.org/jri-pl/psa/status.htm >
and click "Lodz, phase 1" in the dropdown menu at the top of the page. Then
click a town name in the table to access its surname list.

The up-to-date city of Lodz surname list, 1899-1901, is also now online.
Access the same web page as above, and click "Lodz, phase 2" in the dropdown
menu. Then click "Lodz" in the table to access the surname list. The actual

data is online in the JRI-Poland database.

If you have any questions about the surname lists, please contact the town
leader for the appropriate town. I would be happy to answer any questions
about the Lodz Archives PSA Project.

Shirley Rotbein Flaum
Lodz Archive Coordinator/JRI-Poland

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